Westonbirt International Festival of Gardens 

‘Life’s Amazing Garden’ combined pleasure, exhilaration and originality – all symbolic of life’s journey.

‘Invitation to a Voyage’ was based on Baudelaire’s poem and the visual interpretation by Matisse.

RHS Hampton Court 

‘The Pleasure Garden’ was conceived as a productive haven to form an oasis for contemporary living. ‘The Graffito Garden’ was selected in the Conceptual Gardens category as an urban meeting place for young people.

Battersea Promontory 

The Time and Tide garden for the western promontory close to and viewed from Albert Bridge and the Embankment. For Wandsworth Council.

Art, Villes et Paysage Amiens 2014 

Tapis magiques – the concept for the magic carpets grew from the overlapping of the history of the locality, in the form of Verne’s adventure story ‘Around the World in Eighty Days), with the significant geographic element of the genius loci  – the floating market gardens.

International Festival of Gardens Chaumont-sur-Loire 2019

Le Jardin qui chante invites us into the Persan Pairidaeza of the Koran: in the shade of the fruit trees, the melodious birdsong reminds us of a time of harmony between humans and nature.
Behind a willow screen lies an orchard providing refreshing cool air and a pleasant place to rest, lying on cushions, looking up at the sky through the foliage and observing the nests of exotic birds in the branches. On the ground, the protective wicker sanctuary echoes these cosy shelters. Young and old alike will be struck by the magic.
Le Jardin qui chante questions our perception of nature and the enclosed space. The use of sound evokes the fragile but resilient nature of the natural world. The sound will get louder and stop, reminding us that the impact humans have on the world we share can be destructive to other life forms.
The planted areas are inspired by four mythical rivers containing milk, honey, wine and water.
The use of recycled materials will subtly highlight the environmental challenges we are currently facing.
It is about creating a peaceful place while addressing important issues linked to cultivated and wild spaces.